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CDA Preparation
Introduction to the Child Care Profession (45 clock hours)
Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher (45 clock hours)
The CDA (Child Development Associate) credential is a nationwide program administered by the Council for Professional Recognition.

It is designed to further the candidates early childhood education and define the skills needed in order to be recognized as a high quality educator and caregiver.

A childcare center also benefits from having CDA qualified teachers. Credentialed teachers help a center to raise the standards of care and education provided. It also assists the center in maintaining or moving closer toward achieving NAEYC Accreditation.
Work & Family Consulting of SE WI offers this “Online CDA Preparation Program” to simplify the CDA process and assist you while you work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, to complete the steps necessary to achieve your CDA credential.

An instructor will be available to answer questions and give individual guidance via email and/or the telephone, as well as give you internet access (24/7) to a multitude of resources, samples of written work, checklists, guidelines, forms, etc. All of your written work can be thoroughly reviewed and proofed by the instructor as well.

When you successfully finish this Work and Family Consulting CDA Prep Program, all the necessary preparation work will be completed and you will be ready to apply for your CDA credential.
Online CDA Preparation Program
Completion of the CDA process requires an on-site classroom observation completed by a qualified advisor. Work & Family Consulting has experienced advisors ready to assist you with this final step. The advisor can review your completed professional resource file (competency goals, autobiography, and resource collection), share suggestions for possible improvement, complete the classroom observation and give you the confidence needed to finish your CDA.
CDA Observations/Advising